Fifties Paint

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The great site Populuxe Books has posted scans of original 1950s DuPont and Sherwin-Williams paint color swatches to their blog.

Apparently the P-trap that I bought, the nuts and compression fittings that came with it, and the old “waste pipe” and nut on it were all crap. When I assembled everything, there were leaks where the nuts and compression fittings held things together. We gave up and called someone who does this for a living. […]

I went to go remove the P-trap under the “blue bathroom” sink, to clear out a clog and fix a slow drain. In the process of unscrewing the nut (which appeared to be original ’57), it disintegrated. “Oh well, I’ll just need to go pick up another P-trap and parts.” The sink tailpiece virtually dropped […]

ring ring

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I’ve put up more telephone pictures at Flickr. The red one is my favorite so far.

More Living Better Electrically

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I found another Live Better Electrically medallion on eBay, this one looks a little newer than the one I found in the garage. I took pictures. I’m also starting to take pictures of the vintage Touch-Tone telephones that I’m buying off eBay to replace the “modern” junk they sell nowdays. I’m a firm believer in […]

I found this on the garage wall, painted over and dark with 48 years of tarnish. Twenty minutes of scrubbing later (click for bigger/other pictures), we have: After some Internet searching, I found details here: To keep demand high, the electrical industry launched the Live Better Electrically, or LBE, campaign in March 1956. It was […]