Retro-Futuristic Writing

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I’ve done a review of various modern fountain pens and pocket notebooks over at my main weblog. If anyone has an old Parker 51 or Parker 21 fountain pen lying in a desk drawer I’d love to give it a good home.

Awww, thanks!

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Thanks to “Meanwhile Back At the Ranch”, the Midcentury Style Blog, for naming us as one of their recipients of the “One Lovely Blog” awards. I don’t have the time right now to do likewise, but wanted to say thanks.

Amy recently found REJUVENATION for lighting, shades, and hardware, and Schoolhouse Electric Co. for period light fixtures and glass shades.

Back in January I posted some pictures I’d taken of interesting articles from the 1961 “Popular Mechanics Illustrated Home Handyman Encyclopedia & Guide”. I’m happy to report that Popular Mechanics has given me permission to produce PDF versions of their articles as long as I don’t alter the content and provide a link to their […]

New Resources

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I’ve added Crestview Doors to the Links & Resources section. They’re a great place to find Mid-Century Modern-inspired front doors for your Fifties House.

I recently found a 4-volume set of the Popular Mechanics Illustrated Home Handyman Encyclopedia & Guide (from 1961) in the bargain bin at a local used book store. The ~4000 pages of projects are basically the equivalent of today’s MAKE Magazine with tons of stuff that wouldn’t be printed today due to liability concerns. They’ve […]

Amy and I visited Houston’s 1940 Air Terminal Museum today, and I took a bunch of pictures. It’s a great example of Art Deco architecture, and I’m glad that it was saved instead of being bulldozed. Edit: here’s some of my favorite pictures. Click a thumbnail for the Flickr page.

Fifties Paint

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The great site Populuxe Books has posted scans of original 1950s DuPont and Sherwin-Williams paint color swatches to their blog.

ring ring

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I’ve put up more telephone pictures at Flickr. The red one is my favorite so far.

More Living Better Electrically

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I found another Live Better Electrically medallion on eBay, this one looks a little newer than the one I found in the garage. I took pictures. I’m also starting to take pictures of the vintage Touch-Tone telephones that I’m buying off eBay to replace the “modern” junk they sell nowdays. I’m a firm believer in […]

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