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Owing to a string of petty-theft break-ins around the ranch, ADT will be coming out next Friday to install a wireless system (due to having no attic space – gotta love those flat 50’s roofs).

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Cost was a little over 600, but our insurance company effectively paid for it by discounting us that much off our homeowner’s policy.

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In other less-exciting news, I’ve (this is Amy writing, btw) been attempting to get the house back up to housecleaning scratch after a year of letting everything go to pot. At one time, I honestly thought that the only solution to the mess would be a tactical nuke from orbit.

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When your foyer consists of 50% junk mail, 30% cat dander, and 20% unpacked suitcases, you know life is in a dire state.

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As of today the living room, kitchen, and blue bathroom are back to “normal”. The dining room is still cluttered with objects to be organized elsewhere, but the trash is gone.

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I won’t discuss the offices. They’re still tac-nuke candidates.

And I’ve fallen in love with this site. Enjoy it!


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  1. emily on August 28, 2007 1:00 am

    I just found this “Live Better Electrically” clock on the web and thought of you. Isn’t it cool?

  2. mrbill on August 28, 2007 1:13 am

    Emily – thanks for the link; that’s an awesome clock (and site; I’ll add it to our links section). Too bad they want way too much money for it!




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