I went to go remove the P-trap under the “blue bathroom” sink, to clear
out a clog and fix a slow drain. In the process of unscrewing the nut
(which appeared to be original ’57), it disintegrated.

“Oh well, I’ll just need to go pick up another P-trap and parts.”

The sink tailpiece virtually dropped into my hands, and about 10 more
minutes of work got the nut loose that held the other end of the
P-trap into the pipe that goes into the drain system.

When that final nut came loose, the trap fell into the sawed-off Home
Depot bucket I had sitting under the sink, giving me a splashed face
full of nasty sink water. Ick.

Turns out the clog was a little past the P-trap in the drain pipe.

We went to Lowes, 30 minutes before closing, where we picked up:

– Shop Vac (amy’s idea: “suck it out”)
– Accessories for the shop vac
– P-trap and new nuts
– Short metal drain snake
– Strap wrenches (the $15 adjustable pipe wrench I had was shit)
– Hair strainer trap thing for the sink drain

her: “Do you think we need another long piece that goes to the sink?”
me: “Nah, I think its just fricton fit, it fell out when I undid the
trap” <--- BRILLIANT WORDS HERE Got home. We'd gotten the right trap (we took the old one with us to compare), but as it turns out.. The sink tailpiece is (well, was) threaded. What had happened was the threads on the pipe were so corroded and rusted, they just disintegrated. The only thing that had been holding the sink tailpipe in was friction and force from the P-trap. By the time we discovered this, it's 7:30pm. No Home Depot or Lowes stores within 30 minutes drive time close later than 8pm. There are no other open hardware stores in the area that I know of. All I need is an 1.25"x8" threaded sink tailpiece pipe. This is annoying. By the way, her Shop Vac idea for getting out the monster pipe clog worked.





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