Looks like I spoke too soon.

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It looks like I spoke too soon. Green Landscaping and Lawn Service was quck to return my initial phone call and setup service, but failed in everything after that.

They didn’t show up on Friday the 4th to mow as scheduled. When I called them that evening around 5:30pm to inquire, I was told “you’re on our list for today” and “the crew should be there any minute”. Nobody ever showed up, and no one returned either of my calls or the messages that I left over the weekend.

I called on Monday the 7th, and was told “They didn’t show up? Let me check on that and call you back.” Of course, I was never called back, and when I called that evening to inquire, I was put on hold and eventually hung up on.

I finally ended up calling a number on a flyer that someone had put on my porch on Friday the 4th, got in touch with a guy who already mows a number of the lawns around my house, and setup service. He and his crew showed up this morning as I was leaving for work, and at last report, my lawn is finally mowed and I have regular service scheduled every week.


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