Ding Dong!

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Strangely enough, this 50-year-old house didn’t have a doorbell, so we added a wireless door chime this afternoon.

Live Better Electrically Printed Ad

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I finally received the “Medallion Home” advertisement that I purchased off eBay. I’ve scanned both pages (from the October 1958 Better Homes and Gardens, featuring Ronald Reagan) and put them up here.

Another LBE Medallion

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Another LBE medallion arrived today; this one was an eBay purchase ($0.99) and is the size of a US fifty-cent piece. The same design is on both sides.

More “Live Better Electrically” history

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Thanks to Rich for this bit of information that he got from NEMA: The Medallion Home Program was created as an adjunct to the famous GE-sponsored “Live Better Electrically” campaign. In 1960, NEMA took over the administration of the Medallion Home Program to continue the work of promoting safe wiring and electrical installations in new-construction […]

I found this on the garage wall, painted over and dark with 48 years of tarnish. Twenty minutes of scrubbing later (click for bigger/other pictures), we have: After some Internet searching, I found details here: To keep demand high, the electrical industry launched the Live Better Electrically, or LBE, campaign in March 1956. It was […]

House Numbering

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The existing street address numbers on the house are a little too “country ducky” for our tastes, so we went looking for alternatives. We’ve found that House Industries makes awesome stainless-steel numbers and letters in the font designed by Richard Neutra, and they’re available through DWR at a cost of $60 each. After more searching, […]

Welcome to Fifties House

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Welcome to Fifties House. My wife and I relocated from Austin, Texas to Houston, Texas in July of 2005, and have finally acquired our dream home – a “Fifties House”. This one was built in 1957. The moving truck is gone, and we’ve settled in. Most everything is unpacked. This weblog will chronicle our modest, […]